An Understanding of Your Goals

Our job is to help your organization reach your specific goals, not cram a canned speech down the throat of your team. The greatest compliment that we get is “You really get it.”

A Personalized Training for Your Organization

I am an educator and a parent. I am good at what I do, I bring an expertise based on LOTS of experience but I am not anymore important than any one team member. I am blessed to get to work with so many people in the trenches and I like to roll up my sleeves and get with the people instead of stand on some pedestal. I can speak with authority but that authority comes from having done the same kind of work as your staff with the same types of challenges.

REAL-LIFE Experience

I personally facilitate over 100 parent engagement programs per year. The expertise that I bring to the table is not based on what I USED to do. It is based on what I JUST did. I have seen almost every barrier and opportunity for parent engagement but by doing it every week, I stay current on what has worked and what is coming in our future for parents.

Interaction not an Interruption

My job is to keep your staff from thinking they have better things to do. It is our goal to provide the best training your staff has ever experienced on any subject. I will use a few slides but I do not believe in “Death by Powerpoint”. Strong Fathers training is famous for being interactive and full of humor as well. Education is a serious business but it is also a funny business. People need to move, talk, and laugh for a good training to take place and we always ensure plenty of each in a full or half day training.

The training was AMAZING...I now look at parenting with new insight. Michael gave us strong, powerful, and motivating ideas and tools for all to use. I am so excited to share this information and experience with my family as well as my classroom parents. Outstanding choice of training from management.
— Deanna