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We know you will rock these programs.

We have had success with these same programs for the past fifteen years.
We have done it ourselves and we have trained lots of educators just like you to do the same.
This kit is a simple yet extensive package of four academic dad and kid event programs. You can use this kit throughout the year to engage more fathers and families with minimal effort and at very little cost per program.
This kit contains everything you need to easily provide these programs for your families. From promotional materials and sign-in sheets to detailed timelines and step-by-step instructions we have given you everything you need
to facilitate successful Strong Fathers events.

The Strong Schools Event Kit was developed by J. Michael Hall, M.Ed, the Founder and President of Strong Fathers. Mike has been a special education teacher, a middle school and elementary principal. He has done these very same programs in hundreds of schools over the past fifteen years. This kit was built with the busy educator in mind. Hundreds of school teachers and early childhood professionals have been trained to use this kit successfully.
Other professionals have also been successful by just using the kit.

These events have been used to consistently bring in more than a hundred families per event.
Post event evaluations have shown that families are learning and eager to return to other events.

This kit provides everything you need to prepare, promote, and present each event. Using our experience with over 180,000 families we walk you through the best practices and teach you how to stay away from the typical pitfalls of bringing families onto your campus. With promotional materials in English and Spanish, practical timelines, and even sample scripts, you will have everything you need to put on strong, simple, and successful father
engagement events.

Families WANT to be engaged on your campus. You want engaged families but you are out of time, money, and energy. You can get a much better payoff for your time and effort with these simple, proven programs.

Everything You Need To Do Your Own Father Engagement Events


This do-it-yourself kit includes:


We do not charge you by the year and we do not try and sell you more materials or workbooks.
EVERYTHING you need is included in this kit and you can use it each year.