Do you struggle with getting fathers and families engaged in the education of their children?

  • Did your last parent program flop? Did it actually impact student learning?

  • Are you reaching ALL of your families?

  • Do your family engagement efforts actually focus on academic success for all kids?

  • Do you need a new way to energize your campus?

  • Are you ready to make things SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE?

  • Are you tired of wasting time and effort on programs that do not work for you or your families?


J. Michael Hall, M.Ed. has worked with over 200,000 fathers and professionals in 45 states and a couple of languages. Using his vast experience as an educator, speaker, and thought leader, he can provide the right training for your school or organization.

Mike works with fathers and families every week. He has the expertise to help your staff better understand how to better reach fathers and families for the sake of improved child outcomes. In half-day or full day workshops he can educate and motivate your staff and entire organization to tap into the strengths of both moms and dads in your family engagement efforts. If you are interested we can set up a phone call to talk about your needs and calendar opportunities.

Meet Funding and Compliance Standards

All of our products can be funded with Title I, Title III, and Title V, and After School Program funding in public schools.

As well, any family engagement funding in Head Start would be appropriate to use for our materials.  

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“The Strong Start Event Kit has made our staff more aware of involving and engaging the dads or other male figures in our everyday programing, ie. conferences, newsletters, health requirements, family days, policy council, parent meetings and volunteering in the classroom.”

Chrystal Wilkie is the Family and Community Partnership Advisor for Minnesota Valley Action Council Inc.’s Head Start program.

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Strong Schools

Our event kits are built on our success of actually implementing these programs and events in communities just like yours. We have worked with over 200,000 fathers and families face to face around the country.

We took all of that knowledge and experience and poured it into this easy to follow, effective set of events. With easy to follow instructions, separate manuals for each event, and all of the print and electronic resources (in English and Spanish) needed to easily facilitate these four programs, your team can get lots of dads through the doors.

Each kit is licensed by the site or campus. It is a one time purchase with NOTHING to buy ever. Simply register your license each year to get automated emails, updated online resources, informational videos and access to timely online coaching through videos, calls, and webinars.

Strong Start

HEAD START is not the same as a school campus. Strong Start is built specifically for the opportunities and challenges inherent in an early childhood environment. With a Bring Your Dad to Head Start event and math, science, and reading events built for the 3-5 year old crowd, this kit has been used in Head Start grantees around the country with great success. Not only do you get all of the promotional materials in English and Spanish but you also get all of the forms and handouts that you need to comply with the PFCE framework and reporting requirements.

A Strong Start license also allows your staff to work directly with Strong Fathers-Strong Families and save the time and effort of your leadership staff.

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Strong Families Network

You need MORE STUFF not more stuff TO DO! Strong Families Network provides monthly resources for your families in English and Spanish so you do not have to use several different types of materials or re-invent the wheel to get good information to your families. We know your needs and the needs of your families and we built these monthly materials that you can use for your families either in print, electronically, or both!

Strong Fathers-Strong Futures for Middle Schools and High Schools

Our Strong Schools Events will work well at a Middle School, especially with administrator support. However, our Strong Fathers-Strong Futures curriculum is built to reach out to families of at-risk students through a Saturday school approach. Using the best practices for at-risk (and many times angry) families, this curriculum is built to cover some of the most pressing issues for teenagers and their families. It is built with six stand alone sessions that you can use in succession or as individual classes


SETTING A PATH FOR THE FUTURE - Personal Development For Kids and Parents

IT GOES BOTH WAYS - Developing Better Communication Between Parent and Student



MAKING HEALTHY LIFE CHOICES - Substance Abuse Prevention


Each lesson is built in the same format so that staff members have minimal prep time for each class. With icebreakers and techniques that welcome families that have struggled with schools in the past, this curriculum is simple and safe for families and staff members to work together.

Training is not mandatory but available for this curriculum.

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Strength Training

Strength Training is a successive ten week group course for fathers to build their capacity to be better fathers. In many instances these men or their families have been through trauma (divorce, CPS intervention, other stressful events) and are looking to set the future course for their families. While this course can work with any father in any situation, it is particularly built for fathers who are working on overcoming personal and environmental challenges.

Strength Training comes with all of the instructions, facilitator notes and scripts, and reproducible weekly materials that makes it effective and economical with nothing more to buy. Ever.

The Overall Goals of Strength Training

1. To benefit children by increasing their fathers’ emotional & financial support

The program strives to increase the men’s emotional connection to their children, which in turn increases their motivation and resolve to take care of their children financially.

2. To strengthen co-parenting relationships

Many Strength Training participants may have experienced the dissolution of their relationship with the mother of their children. The goal is to help the men see that an amicable, low-conflict relationship with the child’s mother leads to positive outcomes for the child, regardless of their relationship status.

3. To promote fathers’ parenting skills

Many Strength Training participants were fatherless as children and are at a loss as to how to father their children. Because of the trauma and isolation of being away from their children, they also lack opportunities to develop solid parenting skills. The goal is to prepare men to learn more about parenting after they resolve some of the issues that have hindered them for parenting well in the past.

Our program has worked in all types of schools and communities. We can help YOU be successful in your efforts to better engage fathers and families.

Our program is DIFFERENT but it is simple and effective. We would love to talk to you about how our program works and how it can work for you.

Click on the button to schedule a convenient time to talk.