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Having parents attend a program where their children sing or play is important but it is not truly family engagement.

You need programs that motivate parents to act on behalf of their child’s education.

School leaders know that it is important to reach out to families. Families in your school are diverse and more stressed than ever.

When families have positive experiences on your campus you have better partners and less distractions.

Strong Fathers programs have been built to reach families while supporting the goals of your school. Programs that attract parents but don’t connect them to the campus are a waste of time and effort. With so little time and energy to make a good impression, Strong Fathers programs gives you the opportunity to connect in a safe, positive, and effective manner for both you and your families.




Spaghetti Suppers have never been shown to help a kid become a better reader. Ever. However, giving parents the tools to effectively help their child at home can change a child’s future forever.

Schools have money to reach out to families. But we know you have more challenges than you have spare change.

While you have a responsibility to do your best to reach families you also have a responsibility to be good stewards of your funding. Strong Fathers programs are affordable, and they align with federal and state mandates and budgetary limits.

We at Strong Fathers can show you how to maximize your dollar without having to worry about future costs on ineffective programs. Our successful programs were built within federal and state Title I funds as well as After School grants.

You can exceed your program goals without having to exceed your limited budgets.


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You are in the business of improving child outcomes. Our programs are designed to not only get a crowd but to focus all of those parents on their child’s academic achievement.

Child outcomes is your business.

There are lots of great things schools can do to build community, develop strong public relations, and bring out families.

However, if those efforts don’t bring about growth for your students then they are a waste of scarce effort and resources.

Strong Fathers programs help you build strong rapport in the community while helping parents become a stronger part of their child’s education.