Engage in: Initiative

episode 7

with Karla Kush, Middle School Principal at Madison Public Schools

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In this episode:

We chat with Karla Kush about her experiences as a middle school principle in a small, diverse community and how that community has impacted how they work with families. She highlights how their work is part of the continuum of family engagement and the impact that has on her students.

Engage in: Respect

episode 6

with Christy and Ed Roberts, parents of three wonderful kids that span in age from elementary to high school.

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In this episode:

Christy and Ed discuss what it has meant to their family to engage with their kids’ schools and services outside of school, especially within the special education world. Listen for the small ways their school and services demonstrated respect for their roles and expertise, prompting them to engage further.

Engage in: Sustainability

Episode 5

with Vito Borrello, executive director of the National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement

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In this episode:

Mike and Lindsey talk with Vito as he guides us through the national landscape of family engagement. Vito also brings us up to speed on the amazing work NAFSCE is doing to ensure that family engagement practices become an integrated part of education, from birth forward.

Engage in: Trust

Episode 4

with Jill Spillman, Educational Initiatives Supervisor and Christina Hodgkinson, Director of Resident Services at Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority

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In this episode:

We are chatting with Jill Spillman and Christina Hodgkinson of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority about what it means to engage families in the community and in a variety of services.  Listen as they delve into their work engaging families as part of a system of support built around housing in Akron.

Engage in: Persistence

Episode 3

with Donna Kosicki, Georgia’s PTA Family Engagement Committee chairperson. Donna is an education consultant with over 18 years of engagement.

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in this episode:

Mike and Lindsey talk with Donna Kosicki about her work at the state level and beyond in family engagement. Hear how the work of the PTA at the state and school levels are able to continue, even in the face of challenges.

Engage in: Compassion

Episode 2

with Renea Butler-King, faculty professor at the University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work. She is a qualitative researcher with research in the areas of cultural context involving African American children, African American boys and executive function, intergenerational transmission of historical trauma and diversity.

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In This Episode:

Michael and Lindsey talk with Renea Butler-King about her extensive work with families in various roles, but most recently in her research around school discipline of preschool aged African-American boys. We explore the impact of professional and personal mindsets when attempting to engage families, and what a difference compassion and empathy make!

Engage in: Accessibility

Episode 1

with Salvador Romero, Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement at Harrisonburg City Public Schools in Virginia

In This Episode:

Our conversation centers around the incredible work that Salvador and his team are doing to make their school an integral, accessible part of the community for families. Listen for ideas on how your organization might think about what being truly accessible means!

Starting the Conversation


with Strong Fathers Strong Families with Parents as Teachers National Center

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In This Mini-Episode:

We are so excited to be joining the conversation with Parents as Teachers National Center on the Foundations of Family Engagement. Our new show, Intentional Partnerships is all about the important conversation around family engagement. We hope you join us in this important conversation.