Flyers, Save the Dates, Posters, Stickers, and everything else you need to promote your event:
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Forms, Handouts, and Sign-in sheets and more...
This is everything that you will need to print off for the day-of the event:

Language to use, color guides, and our logos for your use, and what you agree to when you put our brand on your event:

Link to the handout and a quick informational video on what a Bring Your Dad day will look like to show to your faculty:

This is our site for dads. Recommend this to fathers and go here to check out our latest resources for fathers and families including daily questions and activities for dads and kids, the latest pictures from Strong Fathers events around the country, curated lists of books and videos we recommend and more:

Direct families here after each event to give them resources and tips for each subject:

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Supplies for Bring Your Dad activities: 

YouTube video of author Michael Rosen performing his book We're Going On A Bear Hunt: - We're Going On A Bear Hunt