When we talk about fatherhood, THE WORDS WE USE ARE important.

No one needs to be convinced that fatherlessness is a problem.
Instead of focusing on the problem, we talk about the cure. Watch J. Michael Hall's TEDx talk to learn more.

When you address a crowd about fatherhood, use positive language.
Talk about the possibilities instead of the deficit. 

Address the topic with the understanding that:

  • Fathers play a vital role in their child's development.
  • Fathers want to be involved. 
  • Engaging fathers is possible.
  • Engaging fathers look different than engaging mothers.

Don't assume that the differences in the way fathers engage is lesser. Assume they care just as much as their female counterparts, because in our experience, they do. Keep an open mind. The way dads work is important for kids. Respect it. Encourage them. Show them that their child's school is a place for them to be engaged.


Our icon is a reminder that everything we do at Strong Fathers-Strong Families is to strengthen and support the father-child relationship at home to build stronger kids.

You can use the icon by itself as a “tag” or you may use the official Strong Fathers-Strong Families logo.


Promoting an Event

Keep it Simple.

When designing information to send out, always remember that less is more.

Don’t get carried away with detailed borders, exciting fonts, or lots of color.

Establish a hierarchy—make the most important element the largest.
Don’t overwhelm the design with information. Include only what is essential.


We usually use this specific deep blue, but if you cannot match it use black or white. The white logo should be used on darker colors and blue or black on lighter colored backgrounds, choose whichever looks most clear. 

The white version is a little different from the black (and blue), this is so the main logo is always the lighter color. No matter what background you put our Strong Fathers-Strong Families logo on, we want it to pop!
Here are the colors you may use to represent our events:

SF blue-12.png

Strong Fathers Blue 

Pantone 300 C
hex# 006db6

BYD orange.png

Bring Your Dad Day Orange

Pantone 137 C
hex# ffa300

Math green.png

Math Event Green

Pantone 368 C
hex# 78be20

Reading red.png

Reading Event Red

Pantone 172 C
hex# fa4616

Science blue.png

Science Event Aqua

Pantone 319 C
hex# 2dccd3

The Fine Print

We’re proud of our brand, so we ask that you use it with consideration. It’s great for promoting events and letting your families and staff know that Strong Fathers is involved. 

As a licensed user of the Strong Schools event kit you may use the name and mark of
Strong Fathers-Strong Families, LLC only under very specific conditions.

You may use the logo and mark to promote any of the four events as named in this event kit.

You may use the logo and mark to publicize event pictures from any of the four events.

You may use the logo and mark on a slide or poster to report the results of any of the four events from the event kit. You may present your results in a conference workshops, board meetings, principal or parent meetings using the Strong Fathers logo and mark.

You may use the Strong Fathers-Strong Families mark for t-shirts for fathers or staff members as long as t-shirts are given out free or sold only at cost. You may include the name of your school on the shirt with the Strong Fathers logo under these guidelines.

You may not use the Strong Fathers-Strong Families, LLC logo to represent yourself or any staff member as a Strong Fathers or Strong Schools trainer. You may not use the Strong Fathers-Strong Families logo for any workshop or staff meeting with the intention of training anyone on the use of the Strong Schools event kit.

You may not use the Strong Fathers-Strong Families, LLC logo to profit from t-shirts, caps, or other promotional items without written consent from Strong Fathers-Strong Families, LLC.

You may not use the Strong Fathers-Strong Families, LLC logo to advertise or promote any other father or family event that is not promoted and presented as described in the Strong Schools event kit. (i.e. you may not have a “Strong Fathers Picnic” or “Strong Fathers Meeting” or other event outside the four events as described in the Strong Schools event kit.)


If you have any questions about other allowable uses you may contact office@strongfathers.com to request written permission to vary in any way from these guidelines.