Our icon is a reminder that everything we do at Strong Fathers-Strong Families is to strengthen and support the father-child relationship at home to build stronger kids.

You can use the icon by itself as a “tag” or you may use the official Strong Fathers-Strong Families logo.

Our logo is made up of two parts:


the Strong Fathers icon and “Strong Fathers-Strong Families” wording.

We have both horizontal and vertical versions, use whichever works best for your purposes.


Strong Fathers Blue: (Pantone 300 C, hex# 006db6, rgb=0,109,182)

event hexs-01.png

Bring Your Dad Day Orange: (Pantone 137 C, hex# ffa300, rgb=255,163,0)

event hexs-02.png

Math Event Green: (Pantone 368 C, hex# 78be20, rgb=120,190,32) 

event hexs-03.png

Reading Event Red: (Pantone 172 C, hex# fa4616, rgb=250,70,22)

event hexs-04.png

Science Event Aqua: (Pantone 319 C, hex# 2dccd3, rgb=45,204,211)