When you learn to truly engage families you begin to build schools and communities that raise strong kids.

For the past 15 years Strong Fathers-Strong Families has been effectively working with schools, Head Starts and early childhood programs to deliver engaging activities that help children achieve.


These programs have been developed to not only be effective but were built from the ground up to be replicated by YOU in schools and early childhood programs in all types of communities.


We have done the trial and error.

Strong Fathers-Strong Families has worked with over 180,000 families in over 5,000 actual parent engagement programs. Our programs work now because they did not always work in the beginning. We can not only tell you WHAT to do but we can definitely tell you what NOT to do.


We have the best laboratory.

Even your best programs and efforts can be limited. If you have a great math program one year, it takes you another year to try it again or to innovate more. During any given week we may facilitate as many as six math programs so we are constantly learning and adjusting. Our programs work well because they have been tested in classrooms just like yours.


We are consistently successful.

When organizations follow our proven plan, they are successful. On a daily basis we facilitate programs in a cafeteria full of parents. During the 2015-2016 school year we averaged 96 families per program over 168 programs. These programs work. You can easily make them successful. We can help you along the way.

We asked a few of our Strong Fathers-Strong Families partners to tell us the benefit of using our curriculum, here’s what they said…