Q: We have tried to engage dads and OUR dads just don't attend our events. HOW DO YOU GET DADS TO ATTEND YOUR EVENTS?

A: We have heard this for years and we have proven it to be false over and over. In every type of program and community we have gotten dads out to our events. We have spent years getting the formula perfected. We fill every room and/or cafeteria we work in on a daily basis. Dads will attend when invited if the program is promoted properly. We provide all of the information and tools you need to get dads through the door!

Q: Our staff is almost all FEMALE so we cannot really work with dads.HOW DOES YOUR PROGRAM WORK WITH THE STAFF IS ONLY FEMALE?

A: We love to have men and fathers facilitate these events if they are the right person for the job but we have trained women all over the country and they rock these programs. ALL of our Strong Schools Programs are built to be FACILITATED not taught. There is a difference. Instead of having to be an expert father or father figure you just have to be an expert on facilitating our programs and this material will make you an expert. By leading dads and kids through activities and a learning process then you are being more effective than trying to "teach" dads. Dads discover the joy of being with their kids and their own skills as a father. Many of our best and most effective facilitators are female staff members.

Q: We have many dads who do not speak English.HOW DO YOU REACH NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING FATHERS?

A: The Strong Schools programs were born and raised in Texas so they are BILINGUAL. All of our handouts and promotional materials are in Spanish. We are working to develop the ancillary materials in additional languages so let us know about your needs and we can start putting those resources together for you and your program.

Q: None of our staff or volunteers have time to dedicate to this effort. WHERE WOULD WE FIND THE TIME TO PLAN THESE EVENTS?

A: Our founder and president is a RECOVERING principal so he understands your busy schedule and this material was written with you in mind. This is why we want you to have a TEAM of folks as registered facilitators. It utilizes the different gifts that people have and it spreads the work load. As well, these programs are developed to be simple and straight forward. The manual has EVERYTHING you need to easily and systematically provide these events for your fathers and families.

Q: Not all of our Kids have fathers. WHAT DO WE DO WITH THEM?

A: FALSE. 100% of the kids in the world have a father (see REPRODUCTION in Wikipedia for more details). We know not every kid has a father around or even alive but schools are ALWAYS surprised about the fathers and father figures that show up for our events. Father figures and ANYONE that wants to attend with a kid can come to our events. We regularly have moms, grandparents, step-parents and mentors attend these events. The kids are encouraged to bring anyone they want and when given the chance, they overwhelmingly choose their father or a father figure to attend.

Q: This pricing seems a little steep. WHY DOES IT SEEM EXPENSIVE?

A: That is because it is. Once you buy this program for your campus, you OWN it. You do not have to buy more access the next year, you do not have to buy workbooks or supplies for the dads from us, this manual has everything you need and it is YOURS.

It is exclusive to your particular campus but we have been working in some schools for 11 years straight and fill up the cafeteria every time with these annual programs.

You can use this manual on your campus forever. We also provide additional resources such as online training, technical assistance, and new printable materials every year to keep you up to date and keep your program fresh.

Q:What else you got?WON’T WE NEED MORE NEXT YEAR?

A: We have found that these four programs are easily enough for a school campus because kids and families are constantly changing so they even approach the same program differently from year to year. Also as you become more and more familiar with the content of the Strong Schools Curriculum we will be sharing other events and opportunities as you grow and mature as a fatherhood facilitator. We will also be asking you for ideas that have worked for you. This way we are all learning from each other and not trying to constantly re-invent the wheels of father engagement.

Q: How do you know this will work?

A: Because it always has and it is guaranteed. In the early days these programs worked OK and sometimes they failed miserably. They have been effective for more than eight years. We have already made the mistakes for you and we have honed every little part of these processes to be simple, effective, and replicable for you. This curriculum has been tested by us with over 150,000 fathers in over 35 states and a couple of other countries. It works if you follow the recipe and the recipe is EASY.

If you follow every part of the prescribed program and it doesn't work, we will give you your money back and buy you two free tacos. That is just the kind of company we are. What do you have to lose? No risk and possible tacos. (We have NEVER had to buy anyone tacos due to our program not working for them).